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Zombs Royale Mod

Zombs Royale begins with a flying airplane that drops a soldier into a combat area, full of armed and ruthless shooters, at the first opportunity to destroy you.

Each country tries to have a fighter who is perfectly prepared for particularly difficult tasks, for example penetration into the enemy base and the silent elimination of enemy forces, and much more. We certainly can not for a number of reasons call the country and the name of the special purpose soldier represented in the game, but you can still become one with the best players, so start the game and become the first in the leaderboard.

Your hero has fallen into enemy territory, and he needs to survive at all costs. Its main task is to destroy the enemy on a hidden base and seize control of nuclear weapons in their own hands. You will have to fight until the last breath, otherwise, the enemy will destroy not only your soldier but also will wave on world domination.

Be prepared after appearing on the enemy’s base to attack, as the enemy will immediately begin firing your positions. Not all militants are ready to die at once, so do not expect that everyone will run to you for bullets, some will sit in barricades to wait until you can shoot your hero. And do not rush headlong, because it is better to think through all the actions and only after you start to take action.

How to play

First of all, think of a nickname for your soldier, select the skin and click on the button to start the game. Now you can proceed to the task. Not all enemies can be detected immediately after hitting the enemy base, some are hidden, but with the help of modern instruments such as a hand-held locator, you will be able to detect all the bandits, they will be depicted on the radar with red dots. But having discovered the enemy, do not rush to attack, it is better to wait for a little, suddenly you will be in the sight of a sniper, and this we least wanted.

On you from all sides, enemies come, and your hero has to shoot back from them. This is an excellent multiplayer arcade with a well-written plot, the most common graphics and a worn-out set of weapons. It can not be said that Zombs royale io is distinguished by bright graphics, but no one has promised anything like that.

Soldiers of the enemy army attack your base, and you need to defend it in all available ways. The game can improve its weapons, and this is very important because more effective weapons can destroy more enemies at the same time.

In Zombs royale io you control not an ordinary soldier, but a peacemaker, who is entrusted with an important mission. Protect the military base, which is massively attacked by the enemy army. Your task is not only protection but also an attack on enemies. At the start you have the simplest weaponry, but as you accumulate points (and they are given for killing opponents), you can get a better weapon, and this is immediately displayed on the results of the fight. Some play also saying Zombies Royale io to this game. You can also play and Smash Karts

Movements are performed with the WASD buttons, and you can shoot with the mouse. Everything is pretty typical, but, nevertheless, it’s cool to relax and spend your free time you can and for this game!

The four-game modes are:

  • Solo – the one-man army
  • Duos – two players
  • Squads – four-player teams
  • Limited-time – game modes that change every few days

Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter
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