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FNF [Full Week]

In you get to the fight arena, where fighters will battle each for themselves. Play you will be interested because of this game is about the Knights. These brave nobles have always been distinguished by honor, upbringing and good manners, faith and truth served their country. If you are a fan of duels chained in armor and Armor warriors, then our game will not leave you indifferent.

The times of Brave and Noble Knights have long passed. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we are unable to return to the old times. However, back in the era of medieval romance, feel the atmosphere of jousting Brutal mania tournaments we can quite in the virtual world. If you are from those whose heart begins to hyperventilate beat, only in the hands of the book, tells about Knightly feats, then this game is just what you need to get out of boring and monotonous everyday life to move into the world of incredible adventures. will satisfy the needs of the most demanding player. Here you can easily feel like a brave hero, rushing in full combat attire to meet the adventures and feats. If you like Brutal mania io then share it with your friends.

I want to believe that the habit of making feats, will remain with you and in reality. After all, to expose another knight with a sword in his hand, we can only here, and show nobility and kindness, to help and support the needy, weaker quite possible and in real life. Therefore, to train in itself knight traits of character it is possible in game, and to apply the qualities grown in itself quite real and in a life. Become the modern Knight without fear and reproach, which will be praised and admired.

You can also play and (Survivio)

How to play

Control the hero you can computer mouse to strike opponents click on the left button. To speed up, press the right button. Brutal mania for free will help you to take part in the most exciting adventures, while avoiding any disappointment. You just have to turn on the game and you are in the very heroic Middle Ages. On you armor, forged by the best Masters, reliable in battle and beautiful outwardly, in the hands of weapons created by the most skillful gunsmithsers.

Ahead of you are waiting for the most interesting and exciting adventures. So forward, brave Knight, towards the feats!


Night Steed Games developed this game. They also developed, another great .io game.

Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter
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