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FNFGO Mod is the new RTS multiplayers online playing Io game. In the beginning you will start as a lonesome lord, As you start playing you collect gold as much as you can collect to build a small empire. Create various military units to strong yourself and keep you safe from your opponents. Be careful out there, there are other lords to contend with! The games like Takeover and Idle Farming Business are very similar to this.

How to Play?

Lordzio game have several buildings that can be used to expand your power. Build mage towers and introduce your foes to the power of magic with mages. To build empire in Lordz io unblocked game you will expand your little kingdom with houses for soldiers, knights, archers, and more powerful units.

In this online free game you’ll have to build defenses if you want to keep your base standing and strong to win, so make sure you build plenty of castle walls to keep enemy lords at bay and protect your assets.

How to use Controls?

  • Move your mouse to control the lord
  • E to build house
  • R to build tower
  • T to summon soldier
  • Y to summon knight
  • U to summon archer
  • I to summon barbarian
  • O to summon dragon
  • Space bar to split army


Youtube Preview
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