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Deeeepio is the mope io of the ocean. You can hit every animal except of those of the same species doesn’t apply for sharks, they can eat other sharks too! Squids and rays can become invisible (and untouchable) If you are hit by someone stronger than you, you’ll get 15% slower for 5 seconds. You can also play and

Deeeepio Leader board :

Deeeepio features a leader board where there are scores of the best players from around the world. The leader board is updated every second. Your ultimate goal on Deeeepio would be to get on top of the leader board. Currently, the highest score stands at 70k and the leader is fluctuating daily.

System Requirements :

If you have a solid internet connection plus a device with a web browser, you are ready to play Deeep io. The game isn’t that graphically intense so it will also work on a toaster. Anyway, you must have a constant connection to avoid any lags or glitches during gameplay. Should you be willing to play Deeeep with zero lag, your PC should have speed up to 2 Mbps. The game is highly compatible with Google Chrome so you had better dump the other browsers when it comes to deeeep.

Deeeepio Game Walk through : is developed by Federico Mouse and a new face in online multiplayer, deeeepio : players are growing day by day. In order to start the game, you just have to name your vessel and press the button. Two major tips are displayed on the game menu so go through them before your first play.


1. To move yourself around the map, Press mouse left click and stay away from the big fishes at all times. The direction of yourself must be adjusted every second so that your health doesn’t go down suffering the damage from those fishes.
2. Eat Coins and bones in the sea to increase your experience and overall size so you can eat other small mouses. Keep increasing your size and keep eating all natural things which are required to increase your xp.
3. You can upgrade yourself as long as you stay in the game but in the start you have to avoid big fishes.


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