FNF SML Movie: Jeffy’s Endless Aethos!
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FNF SML Movie: Jeffy’s Endless Aethos! Mod

FNF SML Movie: Jeffy’s Endless Aethos!

Jeffy’s Endless Aethos is a Friday Night Funkin‘ mod inspired by a random post on smlwiki.com, a site that features creepy content related to SML / Super Mario Logan.

In the story, Jeffy drinks an eight ball of coke, which mysteriously opens his eyes. The cause of this transformation is unknown.

In this mod, you play as Marvin, one of the main characters from the SML series and the protagonist of the mod. Your goal is to help Marvin rap-battle against the now ascended Jeffy. You can also play  FNF Shucks V2 (Reconstruction) and  FNF vs Level Devil

Mod Credits

  • Aethos the Father: jeffyfansml99
  • Aethos the Art: sveltepathos90


Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter
Youtube Preview
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