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FNF [Full Week]

In you will need to neutralize all your opponents and get better weapons. There are 100s of players on the map! Your work is to climb the ladder of fame as high as possible. For every enemy which you can kill give coins. Find a way to get to the first place of the leader. Try to update yourself while playing the game, since no update means certain death.

In the online game has weak and strong players. If you are in the category of the first in this game, then fight with players who have little power. No need to try to kill or destroy the enemy, if it is full of life and energy. In order to become a strong warrior, you need not only to be able to beat the enemy but also to think and correctly assess the situation. You can also play (Survivio) and Smash Karts

How to Play?

You can use Mouse Right left button to Play Mini Giants on web. You have to press the keys as notes reach the judgment line. You can Start or Pause the game using the Enter key.


Niight Steed Games maker of They also developed other popular .io games like EvoWars and BrutalMania etc.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Game Controls

  • Press the left mouse button to attack on the enemy
  • Press the right mouse button to high your speed
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