FNF Confronting Yourself (FF Mix)
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FNF Confronting Yourself (FF Mix) Mod

FNF Confronting Yourself (FF Mix)

The mod called “Confronting Yourself (FF Mix)” for Friday Night Funkin‘ is now available to play, even though it’s not officially released. It’s a treat for fans of rap battles! Boyfriend teams up with Sonic to take on the evil Sonic.exe, a corrupted version of Sonic. In this adventure, you won’t lose the game, but there are two possible outcomes based on your performance and the number of missed notes. If you miss more than 20 notes, you’ll get the bad ending; otherwise, you’ll see the good ending. Can you keep up the rhythm in this thrilling chase to save Boyfriend and Sonic?


  • Programmer: SnowTheFox
  • Artists: AnotherNormalPerson, Artichao
  • Charter: JannTheJuicebox
  • Composers: Penkaru, Zeroh

How to Play Confronting Yourself ?

You can use WASD or Arrow Keys to play vs Confronting Yourself (FF Mix) FNF Online Mod on your Computer. You have to press the keys as notes reach the judgment line. You can Start or Pause the vs Confronting Yourself (FF Mix) Mod using Enter key. Also Play FNF: Bluey & FriendsFNF: Pico’s School and FNF Silly Billy

Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter
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