Play Now Mod is an action .io helicopter game. Fly your helicopter and shoot at adversaries. Manufacture dividers to secure yourself and overcome however much area as could reasonably be expected. Top territories to level off, redesign your airship and structures. Utilize wonderful superpowers to crush your foes and win this IO game! is a blend of and splix-style games!

Fly a helicopter and shoot at foes amid tense and epic duels!

Construct dividers to secure yourself and vanquish however much area as could reasonably be expected

Top zones to level off, overhaul your airship and structures.

Utilize magnificent superpowers to crush your adversaries!

Fabricate towers with right-snap or space and connection them together by experiencing them.

When you close a territory you will pick up score focuses and XP focuses in Difly io games.

Dividers can be utilized to secure yourself as the foe shots will ricochet on it, yet your slugs will experience your dividers!

Remain secured until the point that you have leveled up and squash the adversaries sufficiently inept to assault you!

Play another intriguing multiplayer IO game brimming with focused players from everywhere throughout the world. In Defly io, a wonderful Online Helicopter Territory War Game, you get the chance to fly a helicopter and shoot down your adversaries on an unpleasant fight for triumph. Fabricate dividers on the field to shield yourself from assailants and extend your region to level up and update your flying machine and structures. Endeavor to overcome the entire guide utilizing cool forces you will gain when you begin advancing. Attempt to be number one and get by for whatever length of time that is conceivable. You can also check out and

Meet another shooter like Diep io in the Splix style Control the helicopter and obliterate foe helicopters. Fabricate dividers to ensure your helicopter and catch however much area as could reasonably be expected. Redesign your helicopter: the speed of the helicopter and projectiles, shield, manufacture remove, rang, protection and wellbeing. Appreciate and offer with your companions!

At level 20, you can pick one of the superpowers. Double shot: mind-blowing shoot control. Speed support: make quicker moves to escape or get around adversary. Clone: twofold your capability and confuse your enemy.

Controls :

Move: WASD (or arrow keys)
Build: Right Click or Space
Aim: Mouse cursor
Shoot: Left click

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